Fang Australia is the Australian representative office for soufun international (

Soufun International is a public company listed on the NYSE with a capital value of US$3Billion and trades as in China. is China’s leading online real estate portal with a 70% market share and provides listing services that enable real estate agents, brokers, developers, property owners and managers to post information of their products and services. has 34,000,000 members on its database and receives over 9,000,000 unique visits per month. expanded into international markets in 2013. In Australia, the business trades as, Fang Australia.

The company offers marketing services on its websites, through advertisements to real estate developers and real estate agencies. As part of this, the company also provides e-commerce services, including free and paid membership with services comprising regular updates on property developments, tours of property developments, and other related services to facilitate property purchase.

Unlike other web portals, is a transactional real estate company and is one of the largest real estate company in China with over 110 offices around the country and 40,000 sales staff. The international division has over 200 international sales specialists based in its international offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, supporting Chongqing, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Suzhou, servicing over 100 cities across China.

The Fang Australia team is the bridge between Australian property developers and Chinese property buyers, utilising Fang International to help buyers find the right property in Australia. Fang Australia provides professional services to both the developers and buyers, ensuring Australian developers understand the buyers’ needs and requirements, while educating buyers about Australian property markets and products, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.

Fang Australia promotes more Australian projects to more buyers than anyone else in China. In addition to online marketing, arranges and hosts international property sales exhibitions and foreign investment sales salons.

Our Vision is:

"To be the most exciting property services and advisory group in our class and to make a positive difference in our communities."

Our Values are:

We’re Enthusiastic – This is reflected by an awesome attitude and great energy, because we love what we do!

We’re Honest – Being truthful and accurate, and having strong moral principles is the foundation of what we do – it drives us!

We’re Respectful – We value our clients and partners and interact with integrity, humility and duty, because we’re respect the value of our relationships and the responsibility we have to our clients and partners.

We’re Supportive – We look after our clients and partners because our interests are aligned. We place the success of the team, our projects and our clients and partners above our individual success.

We’re Committed – We work hard to achieve because we love what we do! We’re loyal to our team, clients and partners because we believe in each other, what we do and the way we do it.

We’re Persistent! – We never, ever give up! We will work together as a team to find a way!


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Fang Australia Level One‚ 45 Stirling Highway‚
Nedlands WA 6009, Australia
Phone: +61 8 6382 1600