Fang which means ‘search house’, was established in 1999 and continues to develop its strong brand and market share in the Chinese real estate market. According to DCCI, an independent market research institution, Fang operates the leading real estate internet portal in China. In 2013, Fang’s website received the most number of page views and visitors in the industry. 2014, the adoption of a new flagship website and its mobile app is a key part of Fang's new plan. In Alexa Traffic Ranks,the new and simplified address,, has been 126 rank in China. Today, Fang has an unparalleled influence in providing China with a plethora of real estate information. Fang currently maintains 107 offices which focus their attention on these local markets' needs. Fang’s website and database is a comprehensive source of real estate related content covering more than 377 cities in China. In September 2010, Fang (Stock Code:SFUN) successfully went public in the New York Stock Exchange. Fang International was established in 2008 and has its head office in Beijing. Fang International’s business reach covers 30 countries from all parts of the globe and serves over 200 developers/ real estate agents around the world. It serves 3 million active card members who plan to invest in the overseas property market within the next two years for a number of reasons, predominately, immigration and their children's education.


The Indo-Pacific Group is a broad-ranging and respected advisory and marketing group serving sovereign government, business and individual client interests across a range of industries. In Australia the focus is on property related services. Our head office is located in Perth, Western Australia with additional offices located in Melbourne, Victoria; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Washington DC, USA.

Strategius (Property) is a project marketing advisory business that caters to the critically important requirement to engage experienced and knowledgeable project marketing professionals at the inception of a project, to give each project the greatest prospect for a highly profitable outcome.

The Fang Australia team is the bridge between Australian property developers and Chinese property buyers, utilising Fang International to help buyers find the right property in Australia. Fang Australia provides professional services to both the developers and buyers, ensuring Australian developers understand the buyers’ needs and requirements, while educating buyers about Australian property markets and products, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.

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